Can you learn to sing from an app?

SingTrue is an interactive voice teacher in your pocket. Created by the developers behind RelativePitch (and used by more than 200,000), the application uses the microphone to analyze your response to more than 30 voice lessons, in a game context. The lessons focus on improving tone sensitivity and the feedback includes specific instructions that will result in improvement. Train not only your voice, but tune your ear for musical intonation.

Keep track of your improvement over time, you'll be amazed at how much improvement you see in a short time. The app is equally useful for singers and non-singers alike. The SingTrue app takes the stance that everyone has the potential to be musically gifted with just a little learning and practice. The app can help you control your voice and learn to use it in a way that is not only pleasant to hear, but also sounds natural and even powerful.

The way the app works is that you'll progress through levels that are actually interactive singing exercises. There are more than 30 of these exercises to complete and each one will bring you one step closer to that perfect voice. The developer also plans to add more levels. The SingTrue app for your iPad and iPhone can transform your voice into one you never thought possible through a variety of interactive, educational and easy-to-use singing exercises.

SingTrue includes more than 30 interactive exercises that help you learn to sing easily, confidently and in perfect harmony. Using the iPhone's microphone and sophisticated signal processing, the app analyzes your singing and provides personal feedback on how you can improve. Vanido is just one of many applications that promise to help smartphone users hone a skill or learn a whole new one. Many of these applications have been on the market for several years, such as the popular language learning service Duolingo, while Vanido and others such as Fender Play to teach guitar are entering the fray.

In the meantime, can't you afford a vocal coach or voice classes? Well, you can learn to sing in Learn to Sing. The application allows you to create and customize warmups depending on your time availability and the songs you want to sing. But they are actually quite useless if you want to learn different types of singing from the east. They have created an in-app community of people singing their favorite songs and recording them.

Sing Sharp is a great application regardless of your singing level and can help you better understand music to improve your musical sense. I have never had any formal training or tried to improve my singing other than singing on the radio or in the shower. When it came time to try this application, it's very confusing because it's like a piece that they are trying to put together with different notes together and I had no idea what note to sing. So you sing and it will show you on a nice visualization (very similar to the yousician style) what note you are singing.

This often helps people a lot, as it makes them realize that singing is not something that “can or cannot be done”, but rather can be trained, and this is taught very simply, without the emotion and lack of confidence that singing often entails. Smule is a free singing application that allows people to create and share their own music videos by recording videos on their device while singing popular karaoke songs. The app gives singers the opportunity to practice vocal skills and understand how to improve their singing.

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